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Christian Coaching

“If you’re a Christian, seeking to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, you’ll approach every aspect of your life from this perspective. Your commitment to Christ will impact your marriage, parenting, lifestyle, values, spending, time management, vocations….” -Gary Collins, Christian Coaching.

Christian life coaching combines all the key aspects of life coaching with the addition of finding your deeper sense of purpose and meaning. Christian coaching is centered on the biblical belief that God has a specific purpose for you. Christian coaches help you to identify God’s plans for you, know your God given strengths, gifts and talents, anchor yourself in God’s truth, and transform you into who you are meant to be. Christian life coaches help you move from where you are to where God wants you to be. -Center for Christian Coaching


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I truly feel she’s a blessing. She made me feel very comfortable and understood. I was most in awe of her listening skills and true passion for what she does and her devotion to God. Her attentiveness, professionalism and kindness, along with the tools she used were a perfect combination to help discover what was important to me. I cannot say enough good things about her and feel absolutely blessed I had the opportunity to work with her.

Tina Forrester

Having life coaching sessions with Carrie was a very rewarding experience. She is kind, compassionate, and has empathy for all of life’s struggles. She helped me make realistic goals for myself and was a great encouragement to me. Carrie helped me have a solid foundation for my career, relationships, and my faith. She was by my side as I walked with Christ throughout my sessions.

Bella T.

Informed by her strong Christian Faith and years of experience in coaching and counseling, Carrie Pykett is an excellent example of love, wisdom, compassion and kindness. Carrie draws upon a vast knowledge of psychology, a deep appreciation for the beauty and vulnerability of the human condition, and a strong desire for the flourishing of each and every person she serves. I am so happy to be able to recommend Carrie to the people I serve and have confidence they will develop a life changing relationship with her.

Father Daniel Hennessey

Plain and simple: Carrie lives her life rooted in Christ’s love, and His love pours into all she does — how she listens, the counsel she gives, the perspective she provides … His love directs her life and how she encounters and coaches others. And because of this firm and authentic understanding of His divine love and mercy, Carrie so vividly recognizes others’ dignity and giftedness, and communicates what she sees and feels with an enthusiasm and hope that makes one thing unmistakable: She is a true, loving, caring handmaid of the Lord.

Joe Jasinski

Carrie Pykett is one of the most caring people I have ever met.  She is genuinely concerned about the welfare of everyone she meets, and her warmth and kindness shine through every interaction.

Christina Hardway

Carrie Pykett was wholly devoted to the success of her students. It was clear that her strong, Christian values of community and compassion motivated her teaching and dedication to others’ success.

Michael Stroud

I have known Carrie since she was a graduate psychology student, both of us working at the same University sharing in Christian Masses, retreats and outreach service trips with our students. Carrie is a warm-hearted absolutely genuine disciple of Jesus Christ, who understands the fine interplay between a life lived for the Lord and a life lived for others. The solidity of her belief is evident in the life of her family, and in her leadership of others who are seeking a deeper relationship with the Lord through prayer and compassionate living.

Father Paul Soper